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Special Needs Trusts

Moses Estate Planning PLLC June 10, 2024

If your child receives needs-based government benefits like SSI or Medicaid, a Special Needs Trust might be an Estate Planning tool to consider. Government benefits have strict asset and income limits, so direct gifts or inheritances could disqualify your kiddo from receiving these often much needed benefits.

A Special Needs Trust can put assets aside for your child's supplemental needs like medical expenses, therapy, equipment, recreation, and caregiving, without risking losing government provided benefits. The SNT is managed by a trusted trustee, and this individual makes expenditures that increase your child's quality of life without endangering essential benefits. The beauty here is that the Trust's provisions can be tailored specifically to your child's circumstances.

If you would like to provide resources for your child beyond your lifetime without decreasing government support, talk with an estate planning attorney about creating a Special Needs Trust. We at Moses Estate Planning are here to advise our clients as to whether a Special Needs Trust might be the right fit for your family.