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Wills are one of the basic ways to plan for your estate. This legal document designates responsible parties and plans of action upon your passing (including who receives your assets), can establish who should provide care for a minor child through guardianship provisions, and more.

Our Will Packages

  • Outline how assets are to be disbursed upon passing

  • Establish guardianship for minors and allocate resources for their care

  • Appoint individual(s) to make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so

  • Appoint individual(s) to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you are able to do so

  • Outline healthcare wishes (life-saving measures, comfort care, etc.)

  • Outline post-death care (plans for remains, services, etc.)

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Benefits of our Will Packages

  • Control over who gets what assets upon passing

  • Ensures minor children are cared for by a carefully selected individual of your choice

  • A Durable Power of Attorney gives a trusted individual financial access to manage your affairs in the event you are incapacitated (avoids missed payments, payment of utility bills, etc.)

  • Provides control over healthcare choices

  • Provides control over post-death choices

  • Avoids family members or court-appointed individuals from having to make difficult decisions during a crisis

Limitations of a Will

  • A Will must go through probate

  • The probate process adds time before assets can be disbursed to beneficiaries – from six months to two years (depending on the state in which the Will is held)

  • Costs of probate can be high and must come directly from the estate (costs depend on the state in which the Will is held)

  • Appointing an individual to be a Power of Attorney in your Will does not necessarily require that person to fulfill that duty

  • There can be difficulty in having Financial institutions recognize an otherwise valid Power of Attorney.

  • A Will is limited in terms of planning for incapacity

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If you are looking to create a will, contact us today at Moses Estate Planning in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Along with Coeur d'Alene, we serve the surrounding areas of Kootenai County, Benewah County, Shoshone County, Bonner County, and Latah County, Idaho. We also have an office in Los Angeles, California.