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For those who are considering opening a business, or are already operating one, forming a business entity can help shield the assets held inside the business from personal creditors and personal liability. Furthermore, forming a business entity can also help establish firewalls to prevent potential future creditors from accessing your personal assets to satisfy any judgments and liabilities against that entity. Typically, the best protection is through the formation of one of the below business entity options:

  • Limited Liability Company

  • Corporation

  • Professional Corporation

  • Limited Liability Partnership

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Entity formation includes choosing which jurisdiction the entity should be held in. The best jurisdiction depends on what levels of protection the business owner is seeking. Options for jurisdiction location include:

  • Domestic, United States state-based jurisdictions with various state options therein such as California or Nevada (various levels of protection)

  • Offshore in an alternative international jurisdiction (higher levels of protection)

There are benefits to both Domestic based and offshore-based. The best way to determine fit is to contact us so we can collaborate on which option is optimal, given your unique circumstances.

Whatever the size of your business or the scope of your needs, we are able to create a comprehensive, personalized business entity formation that will protect your assets.

Initial consultations are always free and are a great platform to discuss goals, ask questions, and clarify concerns. For more information on how our legal team can guide you, call our firm.